Funding Support

Dingwall Award – provides funding to encourage the development of understanding and promote good practice in the field of Christian education among children in Scotland. It aims to support advanced research in Christian education among children with a particular focus on Scotland. It is awarded annually and can be continued for a period of three years where work merits sustained support. It is expected that recipients of the award report periodically on their study.

Informal enquiries are welcomed and there is no annual set date for the submission of applications.

Café Conversations
In order to encourage local ecumenical networking between those who are involved in ministry with children, CEAS is keen to support local gatherings, particularly for volunteers to meet with others who are engaged in similar roles in their local area. In order to increase opportunities for a visible presence of churches and Christian organisations working together, CEAS will cover the cost of up to £10 per person to host an initial gathering in your area.

It is envisaged that each network group would work together to continue gathering in person and through online communication, and gain ongoing financial support from their respective church/organisation to participate. CEAS would require feedback on topics of interest and key discussion points that may particularly assist in planning further network gatherings and opportunities for learning.

Innovative Initiatives
CEAS will consider applications for funding from practitioners who wish to develop learning opportunities for those working with children in the field of Christian formation.

For more information or to discuss any of the above, contact the Executive Secretary in the first instance, or complete an application using the form below and send to

Funding Request Form