Godly Play Scotland

Godly Play Scotland is a non profit making, voluntary organisation which was set up in 2010, as a sister movement to Godly Play UK. The aim of Godly Play Scotland is simply to support and inform those starting out in Godly Play or wanting to find out what it is all about.

The Godly Play method is particularly suitable if you are looking for a different or complementary approach to Christian education. Although it was initially aimed at children, it is equally suitable for all age groups and in many different situations.

There is a Godly Play room and centre at Duddingston Kirk. The room, as with all Godly Play rooms, is a work in progress, with new stories being added often. You can arrange to visit to see and experience it or Godly Play Scotland has a travelling set of materials so they can bring a Godly Play room to you on Discovery Days. They also have a set of lending materials, so you can try out Godly Play in your own setting.

The official Godly Play UK website gives all the information you will need on Godly Play.