Dingwall Award

Dingwall Award

Through the Alistair Dingwall Award, CEAS aims to support advanced research in Christian education among children with a particular focus on Scotland.

Rev Alistair Dingwall was a past General Secretary of the Scottish Sunday School Union for Christian Education, the precursor of the ceas trust.

Born in Inverness in 1906, he studied Divinity at New College, Edinburgh and served as assistant in St Matthew’s Church in Edinburgh before being ordained to Shetland: Snadwick in 1931 and then moving to Dunblane: Leighton in 1933.

He became full-time General Secretary of the Union in 1952 and worked tirelessly to write, edit and produce educational resources for use throughout the church as well as organising training for voluntary workers across Scotland.

Alistair Dingwall was an inspiring and forward-thinking visionary in this field and ceas hopes that encouraging progress in the area of Christian education amongst children continues his vision.

The award provides funding to encourage the development of understanding and promote good practice in the field of Christian education among children in Scotland.

An award can be made to those engaged in higher study through educational institutions or significant field-work projects. It is awarded annually at an amount determined by the Trustees and may be continued for a period of three years where work merits sustained support.

Through the award the trustees seek to encourage the pursuit of field work in the Christian education of children up to age sixteen. It is expected that recipients of the award report periodically on their study.

Applications should be made initially to the Executive Secretary at execsec@ceas.org.uk. Informal enquiries are welcomed and there is no annual set date for the submission of applications.