Core Skills

Core Skills is an interdenominational modular scheme and offers foundational training for all those involved with church-based children’s ministry.

Specialist Ministry

Businessball Work and career resources which may offer helpful suggestions for training and learning sessions.

Childrenswork provides ideas, resources and guidance for Christian children’s leaders.

Dynamic Participation Produce resources for professionals working with children; based in Wales.

Family Lives Offer parenting support

LifelongFaith Associates are based in Connecticut and seek to support the development of life-long faith learning. They have materials for varying stages and all ages together. Their Autumn (Fall) 2014 Journal focuses on faith formation practices and approaches for all generations. It can be downloaded free from their website.

Max7 An open-source collection of ministry resources; contains a broad and varied range of material and quality as well as theological perspective.

NATRE – National Association of Teachers of RE Guidance, support and ideas

Prayer Spaces in schools

Participation Works National agencies advocating for children.

Richmond’s Hope is based in Edinburgh and provides specialist bereavement care to children and teenagers.

SoulPancake Eclectic mix of thoughts, ideas and videos to stimulate thinking

TED Talks Inspiring and informative talks on many subjects

Holiday clubs

Who comes first? is material for seven lessons and three assemblies produced by Barnabas focusing on themes connected with the Olympics.

School assemblies

Assemblies School Assemblies for every season for everyone

Scripture Union Bible-based Assemblies

UNICEF Primary School Assembly Plans